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I am Tuni Nguyen – a 25-year-old, German-born Vietnamese girl. I lived for 5 years in Copenhagen but am now based in Taipei and Beijing.
I hope you enjoy my random thoughts and bad jokes on the blog 🙂

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[台北] ‘KAWS:HOLIDAY’ in Taipei

What is that thing at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall this week? Maybe you have already seen it on Social Media over the past days because this weekend, KAWS debuted KAWS:HOLIDAY in Taipei, the so far largest sculptural work by the street artist. The massive 36-meter-long COMPANION piece was introduced on the Grand Opening last […]


9 lessons I learnt in 2018 (and a little appreciation time)

1. Start working on something you have been meaning to do for years. Doesn’t matter if it’s something artsy, if its singing or dancing lessons, a business idea, or a hobby you always wanted to try but never dared to. Just start doing it and you are already one big step ahead to your goal. […]


8 reasons why I love Taipei so much

If you have been following me on my Instagram or other Social Media channels or been reading my articles for just a while, you probably know how much I LOVE Taipei. Last year I ended up spending a semester here and to be honest, living in Taiwan was one of the best times in my […]

How friendships back home change once you moved abroad

This is a new section in my blog. In the following, you will read a guest blog post by:  Alisa Jordan  There are some friends who grow with you and some friends who grow apart from you. Some friends you can tell your deepest secrets and others who you can tell your most embarrassing stories. […]


[台北] Christmas Land in New Taipei City (Christmas Lights in Banqiao)

Christmas is around the corner even though it might not feel Christmas-y weather-wise (I am from Europe, our Christmas is cold and in good years, white with snow, in bad years, it’s rainy and grey) 😉 However, like every year, New Taipei City is turning into a Winter Wonderland. Officially called Christmas Land, it is a […]


No one is impressed by your status

A little real-talk, unedited post from my side today. Ever since I live (on and off) in Asia last year, I slowly realized that some people identify so strongly with their (family) status, wealth or a job position, that there is seriously nothing deeper to that person besides these traits. Maybe its because now I […]





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