It’s been 5 years – happy anniversary

Well, today marks the 5th anniversary of this blog and my decision to make my Instagram public. Thank you for following along and reading all the things I felt like sharing. It’s a really sweet gesture, and I appreciate it a lot, especially in times when I shared more personal stories and had strangers reaching out and rooting for me or helping me. Thank you for your kindness. I took a break from writing my master thesis right now, and I am not going to edit this post after I finish writing, so bear with me if my thoughts seem all over the place.

In the beginning, I enjoyed writing so much and always took the time, in a way as a therapeutic way to unwind, to write down whatever I experienced at that time. Now when I look at the past posts, I definitely did not take the time to do this anymore, something I used to love so much. The last post doesn’t even count because it was an Instagram caption that I copied into wordpress because I felt that it was a changing experience that makes me realize health can be so fragile. Life has been busy and stressful but I mean, I also didn’t prioritize writing in here anymore as much as writing on IG or IG stories because it’s faster.

5 years ago a person close to me created and gave me this blog as a present since I never dared to take the step to do something weird as “writing out and oversharing parts of my life on the internet”. Now it’s part of my professional work to share online content and strategies. And as in right now, I am squeezing in half an hour to write a post, before I have to get back to my master thesis. 6 years ago I wanted to stay in Copenhagen, buy the little place in Frederiksberg and hopefully be a consultant after I graduate from CBS. 4 years ago I wanted to improve my French and move back to Lyon, and just 2 years ago I decided to spend every living minute to work on getting back to Taipei. And now that I achieved that goal, and do something I enjoy every day, I am happy. Also learned that I need to take care of my health. But I definitely feel happy to be here and live a life I dreamt of two years ago, with a lifestyle that is fun, driven, and filled with purpose most of the days.

But if you ask me if this is going to be it, the end game, I feel like I don’t know what to tell you. Once I overcame the challenges, set my goals (and about to reach another milestone by graduating and having more time to scale the business), I feel that I want to move on to the next chapter. And maybe that isn’t even going to be Taipei, at least not full-time. Maybe it’s expanding our business to the US and Europe asap and living here and there; maybe it’s finding something else I want to spend my next years working on and building up; maybe it’s finding another purpose and passion; maybe it’s finally being okay with vulnerability and put some effort into a relationship. Maybe it’s starting to learn videography and being able to capture and express things more visual. Or maybe it’s to finally settle for a bit, take it slow and realize that chasing after something isn’t the solution.

In times of a global pandemic, I feel like we all are questioning our life choices, questioning who we let in our lives, who we let go, what we are even doing or working towards. Remembering all the small and big moments that changed our decisions in life and made us either dare something new or shut down and never tried it again.

Thank you for spending the last 5 years with me, following along as I figured out my dreams and ambitions, my studies, my new life chapters and moving across the world back and forth, my relationships, dating and non-dating periods, my drunk stories, my food stories, and my necessary fitness stories after I ate all the food, my friendships, my parents’ story, my journey from a babysitter to the co-founder of a company whose name I came up with during finance class, my healthy day and disappointing days, and my many happy moments.

I dont know, where I will be and what I will do in a year or two from now. As I am typing this out, I have no idea what my next move will be – but isn’t that what we all feel right now? Too many options, no idea what the right one is because honestly, what we learned from covid is that we have absolutely nothing under our control. So let’s just focus on taking care of ourselves, being kind, staying safe. And we will see, eventually, we will find out what to do next, as long as it brings us happiness, it’s not the wrong choice,

“That’s what life is. You can overcome anything as long as you’re alive.” – Itaewon Class

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