A picture perfect life doesn’t exist

Today I felt like writing another real-talk blog post where I just write down my thoughts, don’t edit anything and then push the “publish” button.

So, yesterday I launched my agency ARN.gency with one of my best friends Rachel. Many people reached out, saying their congratulations and expressing their support and happiness for our milestone. Hard work pays off yes, and everyone knows you have to fail a lot before you can reach a little milestone or goal. Nothing worth having comes easy.

A vacation picture at the beach always looks beautiful, a perfect body on Instagram of a fitness influencer sparks envy somewhere, a new job shared as a LinkedIn update can make people both feel happy or jealous for you. Once you show the result of hard work, someone somewhere in the world feels entitled, feels hurt, feels like you took something away that they could have, that they should have. The work, the tears, and effort behind the goal is often just ignored.

I can say from my own experiences that my Social Media feed looks way better than the things I go through in real life. Yes, I am very transparent and share stories of me late night editing and working, without make up, me being sick because my body can’t keep up, me being real. But still, my Social Media feed isn’t nearly close to real life.

I achieved such a big milestone yesterday that I have work towards for a long time. And yet that wasn’t a good day throughout. That day had lots of emotions, I felt joy, relief, anxiety, sadness. One aspect in life can be amazing, everything can go well and a big thing can be achieved, while other aspects of your life are falling apart. You can do so well in your job but suck in relationships. Or you can be such a great friend but neglect your family or vice versa. You can achieve so much.. and fail so much, on the same day. And you don’t always share everything, always, all the time. So, me sharing a big milestone yesterday was not the representation of the day, the week, the month, the journey I had. I had a great day launching my project and a sad teary night and morning, feeling like something else I care about in my life isn’t going to stay the same. I felt extremes. So much happiness of my achievement, and a lot of sadness that I loose something that wasn’t meant to be mine.

The picture-perfect life doesn’t exist, so I am addressing it to the people who feel they are “behind” in life because they compare themselves or to the people who feel straight-up jealous when someone shares good news:

No matter how amazing something seems, there is always an aspect in life that fails. Nothing is as perfect, as beautiful or as easy, as happy or as carefree as it seems. There is so much complexity, so much miscommunication, let downs, pain, neglect, disappointment, wrong timing, wrong person, wrong job, wrong choices that we all carry as baggage with us. Don’t compare your real life with someone’s momentaneous picture perfect life. You do you and create a life you love. ❤

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This was just my thought after yesterday, a good day and a sad night. Thanks for reading, Tuni 🙂

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