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Some of the Companies i worked with

I am always open for collaborations with brands, businesses, hotels, restaurants and more, which are relevant to my audience. I’m happy to send you my media kit. Just get in touch with me! Below, you can find some suggestions for possible collaborations and take a look at projects, I have done so far.

There are a lot of different ways we can cooperate:

  • Hotels, Restaurants and other activities: I would be happy to get invited to your restaurant, spa, hotel or similar.  I’m always open to write posts with favourite spots and places during my travels and add your business as sponsor. You can read about reviews and guides I wrote in collaboration with hotels in Lyon here.
  • Sponsored giveaways: I am always open to host giveaways on my Social Media channels.
  • Products & reviews: If your product is relevant to my audience – I would love to try it and share my experiences.
  • Collaboration and Guest article: I am happy to write guests or create content for your brand/platform. Just contact me for the rate and details.
  • You can read some my contribution in The Huffington Post here:

    What I have learned about Denmark
    Taiwanese dramas compared to real life
    Why You Should Visit Copenhagen — 7 Favourite Spots From an Expat
    The Colours of Copenhagen
    you can find my HuffPost profile here: Tuni

I filmed with the German national TV broad caster ProSieben for their show Galileo. You can watch the video (only if you are based in Germany here: The program was about “Hygge and why Denmark is the happiest nation” and was shown on national TV 16th January 2017.You can read more in my blog post here: Hygge

Below is a video, showing a project I did in cooperation with Vodafone Germany in June 2016

  • If you have something else in mind – don’t hesitate to contact me in the form below. I am open to new ideas and appreciate any kind of interest in a cooperation. For the exact rate and details how we can work together, please contact me.

Are you interested? – Yeay! Then let’s start our collaboration!

I am looking forward to our future project together, Tuni 🙂

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