Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am Tuni Nguyen – a 24 year old, German-Vietnamese girl living and studying in beautiful Copenhagen.
I hope you like reading my blog about the life as expat and student in Denmark, my travels around the world and hope you enjoy looking into my webshop 🙂

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The Philippines – how safe is it to travel around there (with some travel tips and costs)

Happy New Year! 💖 Some of you might have the Philippines on your bucket list for 2018 but wonder how safe it is to travel. Here are my personal experiences with pieces of advice and costs for tours, so you can plan your trip  🙂 In the beginning of November, I was going to Cebu […]

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How I can afford traveling 10 countries this year (and so can you) – My 2017 Recap and 2018 New Years Resolution

I got asked this question so many times in person, on Instagram or Facebook: “Tuni.. you are a student, how can you afford to travel all the time?” First of all, I do not travel full-time but am a full-time Bachelor student and also, none of my trips this year were sponsored by any companies, […]


My life in Taiwan – compared to Taiwanese dramas

It’s Single’s day soon (11th November or 11/11 – where all the 1’s represent how freaking lonely we all are), therefore I thought about writing an uplifting post about Taiwanese love dramas. Well, they aren’t really the best thing to watch when you are feeling lonely or are with the wrong person on Single’s Day […]

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The feeling of belonging somewhere (or nowhere)

Since I am abroad, the question “Where are you from” has been asked quite a number of times – and it’s totally fine. It’s even okay when people look at me like I am a straight liar when I answer that I am German. Also, it’s okay to be confused, Germans usually don’t look like […]


Friendships and relationships with a due date

To start with, the headline might be misleading because in my opinion, if a friendship or relationship is genuine and based on mutual trust and love, it does not have a “due date”. I have met a number of people who have friends or met their partner during a job or study abroad and they […]

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Visit Jakarta in 2 days (and how safe is it to travel there as a girl)?


Last month, my friend Mette and I traveled to Jakarta with no expectations or actual idea what to do in the city. We googled around and found some things to do and see but just a little information about how Jakarta is really like. And on top of that, we got some messages from people, […]

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The dilemma of living abroad

I remember when I was 19, I left my parent’s home for a gap year as soon as I finished high school. The stereotype work and travel adventure in Australia, with a few months backpacking in South East Asia (or in my case suitcasing since I can’t carry a backpack). When I came back from […]

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My favourite spots in Beijing (architecture version)

5 weeks in Beijing went by so crazy fast and before I knew, I was on a plane going to my next destination, leaving China with lots of great memories and experiences 🙂 Beijing is beautiful – especially when you are like me, and in love with architecture and interesting buildings. There aren’t many things […]


Under cover 😎 (disclaimer: I am neither undercover, nor a spy. Please dont detain me during immigration/border controls. The caption was a word play on the Memorial hall covered up) ✌
Lil sis and 101 🇹🇼❤
Looking all sweet - but tbh during the 4 days where my parents came to visit, I spend 2 nights in their hotel preparing my cheating notes for my finals and another day I panicking wrote an 3000 word essay in 4 hours in their hotel room as well😄 They were actually surprised I showed up to the lectures here #exchangestudentlife
我的人好朋友 ❤ My girls 🔥
找我 ° Find me and catch me if you can😉 
Photographer: @foodbaby ; Creative Director: @raychocolatte ;  Equipment provider: @hokangyu 😃
Be there or be square ⬜⬛⬜⬛⬜⬛
We got spirited away in Jiufen today 💚 it was beautiful!
You know what's on my mind the past days? The Black Mirror episode about dating
Little time left - I'm leaving Taipei in around 2 weeks and so is @communea7 opposite of Taipei101 💔 ironic, my favourite place in Taipei close the same day I leave 🇹🇼
PC: @raychocolatte 📸



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