Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am Tuni Nguyen – a 24 year old, German-Vietnamese girl living and studying in beautiful Copenhagen.
I hope you like reading my blog about the life as expat and student in Denmark, my travels around the world and hope you enjoy looking into my webshop 🙂

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4 wonderful spots to discover Copenhagen from above

Tonight I will fly to China and until January, I will study in China and Taiwan, and travel around South East Asia. I am really happy to get the chance to see new countries, improve my Chinese language and let’s be honest, spend some real summer days at the beach (instead of the 2 weeks […]

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The beautiful Danish cliffs Møns Klint (and how to get there)

From Copenhagen to Møns Klint Sometimes, you just want to escape the busy city life and crowded touristic spots in the Copenhagen. So did we today. My dear boss took my colleague and me on a road trip and we exchanged our office for nature, endless beaches along the gigantic chalk cliffs and lots of […]

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Learning Danish

Learning a new language is difficult and at times, really, really frustrating. Especially with Danish, since -let’s be honest- it’s just a weird language to learn. You don’t pronounce the words how they are written. Or Things are written one way, but when you speak it, no one would use that word order or pronunciation. […]

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Where 90% of Copenhageners will go to enjoy flowers this weekend – The city is blooming up 🙂

Finally ! The long winter months are gone, spring is coming and Copenhagen is shining in new, bright colours. Everywhere in the city, the flowers are blooming and if haven’t seen it yourself, no worries – people in your Social Media are posting about it, newspapers are printing the stories like it wouldn’t happen every […]

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Pick pocketers in Copenhagen

About a month ago, I went to work at 10 am and on my way there I just had a horrible experience at Østerport St. Two men, one walking behind me and the other one next to me, tried to steal my credit card. They walked very close to me and luckily I felt weird […]


My melancholic, favourite place for Flæskestegssandwich

Growing up, my parents had a little grill in Goslar (a small little town in Germany) back in the beginning of 2000. That is where I spend a lot of time during my childhood. It wasn’t until a couple of years later when I was 13 or 14, that we moved to Bremen and upgraded […]

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“The Wave” at Ofelia Plads (Frost Festival)

I bet in the past days, your Social Media feeds have been full of glowing triangles in Copenhagen right? I was wondering when I saw all the pictures on my Instagram: What is this, where did the display come from and where it was located? Luckily, I got convinced to go for a short walk last […]

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My guide to Hygge

Well it’s cold outside and here in Copenhagen, snow has been covering the city for the past days. So this is the perfect excuse to stay home and have some “hygge”. People outside from Denmark recently start to catch up with the Danish tradition of just taking it slow, having a cozy evening or relaxed […]


Definitely like it so far in Beijing 🇨🇳📍😍
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Bye bye Copenhagen, see you in January ✈ I am at the airport and leaving to Beijing now🎈🎉 #metropolife
Since my doctor said I'll have to wait 2 to 3 hours to get checked (for my resident visa for Taiwan), I decided to take a quick ice cream break at @osterbergicecream with Anna 😊 Ice cream is always a good idea🍨
We are too poor for a yacht so we settled for a plastic swan #samesamebutdifferent ✌
A throwback to few weeks ago in Lyon .. while I am getting ready to move my stuff up to the attic again 🙈 4 days til Asia✌ // photo by the gorgeous
Popping champagne into the Copenhagen harbor cause in a few days, I've made it🎉 The semester is done, I did a (hopefully) got job at my work places and I will be done with all preparations for the trip 💙 I am so so excited !
Next week this time I am in Beijing and of course this had to be celebrated😍 I spend an amazing evening at @restaurant_zeleste with lovely food, wine and in the best company with @carohoeck before we headed to an event at L'oreal HQ🎈 #sponsored
Today was the last day working in the city store of @boconceptdanmark before I leave to Asia. I will def miss this 🎈This was where I sat today to come up with SoMe ideas, how can you not be inspired? #boconceptdanmark #metropolife
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