Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am Tuni Nguyen – a 24 year old, German-Vietnamese girl living and studying in beautiful Copenhagen.
I hope you like reading my blog about the life as expat and student in Denmark, my travels around the world and hope you enjoy looking into my webshop 🙂

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Friendships and relationships with a due date

To start with, the headline might be misleading because in my opinion, if a friendship or relationship is genuine and based on mutual trust and love, it does not have a “due date”. I have met a number of people who have friends or met their partner during a job or study abroad and they […]

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Visit Jakarta in 2 days (and how safe is it to travel there as a girl)?


Last month, my friend Mette and I traveled to Jakarta with no expectations or actual idea what to do in the city. We googled around and found some things to do and see but just a little information about how Jakarta is really like. And on top of that, we got some messages from people, […]

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The dilemma of living abroad

I remember when I was 19, I left my parent’s home for a gap year as soon as I finished high school. The stereotype work and travel adventure in Australia, with a few months backpacking in South East Asia (or in my case suitcasing since I can’t carry a backpack). When I came back from […]

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My favourite spots in Beijing (architecture version)

5 weeks in Beijing went by so crazy fast and before I knew, I was on a plane going to my next destination, leaving China with lots of great memories and experiences 🙂 Beijing is beautiful – especially when you are like me, and in love with architecture and interesting buildings. There aren’t many things […]

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What I like about China (and why I might miss it in Denmark)

Hej everyone! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I left gray Copenhagen for Beijing. I never had the chance to really get to know the Chinese lifestyle before. China and its business culture is included in the curriculum of my studies and I spent a vacation in Shanghai before – but still when I got on […]


4 wonderful spots to discover Copenhagen from above

Tonight I will fly to China and until January, I will study in China and Taiwan, and travel around South East Asia. I am really happy to get the chance to see new countries, improve my Chinese language and let’s be honest, spend some real summer days at the beach (instead of the 2 weeks […]

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The beautiful Danish cliffs Møns Klint (and how to get there)

From Copenhagen to Møns Klint Sometimes, you just want to escape the busy city life and crowded touristic spots in the Copenhagen. So did we today. My dear boss took my colleague and me on a road trip and we exchanged our office for nature, endless beaches along the gigantic chalk cliffs and lots of […]

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Learning Danish

Learning a new language is difficult and at times, really, really frustrating. Especially with Danish, since -let’s be honest- it’s just a weird language to learn. You don’t pronounce the words how they are written. Or Things are written one way, but when you speak it, no one would use that word order or pronunciation. […]


It's getting colder, time for a new profile picture ♠ taken by📸@laughtraveleat  in 澳门
One day in Macao and I finally get to meet @laughtraveleat who showed us Copenhageners @viktorsylvester & @mathiasmilton around ♥♠♣♦ A great start of my well needed weekend getaway❤
Took this at Dongmen/Taipei a few weeks ago, when you couldn't see a single grey cloud or stormy rain .. and I just want it to be like this again
It's the 3rd day of massive rain in Taipei.. makes me want to pack my bags and head back to the islands 😜 #firstworldproblems
Best way to deal with constant rain in Taipei: Staying in for a Girls Slumberparty and good wine❤
"Gatsby believed in the green light." - He shouldn't have though because he died tragically and the girl wasn't even worth it #helearnedthehardway
Facebook reminded me recently that it's been 5 years since I left home to go to the Côte d'Azur. After that I moved to Australia, Southern Denmark and eventually Copenhagen and never planned to return to Germany. I didn't wish or plan for any of these things more than a month ahead but they all turned out to be the best decisions I could have made. So during the Moon Festival last week, when we had these cheesy lanterns where one should write the wishes for next year on it, I simply wrote " 吃饭 - because good food makes Tuni happy"😄 Delish food is kinda the only thing I always want but can't always control. It makes no sense to wish for a better body next year, when you start working out now and be responsible for your own health. Or for a boyfriend, when you can simply tell the guy you like that you like him instead of writing his stupidass name on a lantern. The thing is, that I never wished for any of the great things and people that came into my life but here they are, making me beyond happy and very grateful 😊 Basically, they are better than anything I could have wished for (and written on a stupid lantern) ❤
Slowly but steady falling for you Taipei ❤ 🇹🇼
Here is a shot from sunny Taiwan in contrast to the winter picture I posted before😄
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