Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂
I am Tuni Nguyen – a 25-year-old, German-born Vietnamese girl. I lived for 5 years in Copenhagen but am now based in Taipei and Beijing.
I hope you enjoy my random thoughts and bad jokes on the blog 🙂

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Are we good enough?

Recently, one of my closest friend and I are having lots of late night conversations about life, future plans and finding our own way and be able to do something that makes us happy. I am not sure if my friend wants to be named, so I am going to call her Hana. I supposed […]


Discover Taipei: Songshan, Raohe Night Market and a beautiful view of Taipei

In this post of my blog series about Taipei, I will introduce you to the district Songshan, which is where the famous Raohe Market is located. The area is a major financial center in Taipei, which is why you can find rather modern buildings in neighborhood  Compared to Dongmen or Ximen, the buildings and facade […]


How to be healthier and fit (and how I lost 5 kilos) – focus on being the best version of oneself

Last year, I was spending some time in China and Taiwan, where I was living unhealthy, enjoyed myself and gained some weight. And who could blame me.. all the night markets, delicious food, night outs and cheap delivery service – I had no chance 😀 So when I came back, I promised myself to live healthier […]

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Day-trip to Dragør (and how to get there from Copenhagen) – a short get-away

Last week I arrived back in Copenhagen and landing here felt different because it was indeed the last time I will be here and in just a few weeks I will be leaving Denmark for good to move to Beijing and Taipei. So my friend helped me getting my thoughts in order by taking me […]

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Exploring Taipei: Dongmen and Daan

I love many areas of Taipei for different reasons but Dongmen (東門) will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where I lived last year. The place I called home for a few months, with the view on Taipei 101 and the countless food vendors and restaurants in the food street that […]

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Exploring Taipei: Ximending

I am finally back in Taipei! 🙂 and I couldn’t be happier. And since I have been asked last year to share my favourite spots in Taipei but I never got around it, I decided this time to write my kind of guides, with my personal stories about the city, I fell in love with. […]





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