Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am Tuni Nguyen – a 24 year old, German-Vietnamese girl living and studying in beautiful Copenhagen.
I hope you like reading my blog about the life as expat and student in Denmark, my travels around the world and hope you enjoy looking into my webshop 🙂

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Colourful Copenhagen (appreciating the here and now)

It’s Valentine’s Day! And since I will spend the day working, studying and visiting my doctor and have not even a tiny bit romance in my life, I thought it might be nice to express my (sometimes on and off) love for Copenhagen! 🙂 Even though the Danish weather is not the most lovable or […]


My summer language course (Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute: International Summer School at Renmin University)

Last July I was lucky to stay in Beijing 4 weeks and attend the Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute (CBCI)- International Summer School at Renmin University, one of the most renowned university in Beijing. Before the scholarship, I have never been in Beijing and did not know what a great experience I will have during the summer […]

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Are you a doctor yet? – The Asian pressure of success

“Are you a doctor yet?” Everyone knows that joke and meme right? – So, what’s behind it? For the past months, I got in touch more often with people who feel the pressure of succeeding in their career, studies or family planning. Sometimes they feel that way because it is to “pay back” the efforts […]

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The Philippines – how safe is it to travel around there (with some travel tips and costs)

Happy New Year! 💖 Some of you might have the Philippines on your bucket list for 2018 but wonder how safe it is to travel. Here are my personal experiences with pieces of advice and costs for tours, so you can plan your trip  🙂 In the beginning of November, I was going to Cebu […]

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How I can afford traveling 10 countries this year (and so can you) – My 2017 Recap and 2018 New Years Resolution

I got asked this question so many times in person, on Instagram or Facebook: “Tuni.. you are a student, how can you afford to travel all the time?” First of all, I do not travel full-time but am a full-time Bachelor student and also, none of my trips this year were sponsored by any companies, […]


My life in Taiwan – compared to Taiwanese dramas

It’s Single’s day soon (11th November or 11/11 – where all the 1’s represent how freaking lonely we all are), therefore I thought about writing an uplifting post about Taiwanese love dramas. Well, they aren’t really the best thing to watch when you are feeling lonely or are with the wrong person on Single’s Day […]

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The feeling of belonging somewhere (or nowhere)

Since I am abroad, the question “Where are you from” has been asked quite a number of times – and it’s totally fine. It’s even okay when people look at me like I am a straight liar when I answer that I am German. Also, it’s okay to be confused, Germans usually don’t look like […]


Friendships and relationships with a due date

To start with, the headline might be misleading because in my opinion, if a friendship or relationship is genuine and based on mutual trust and love, it does not have a “due date”. I have met a number of people who have friends or met their partner during a job or study abroad and they […]


Started a productive weekend just right at @djuuscopenhagen yesterday with the prettiest brunch plates I ever had ❤
📍Blegdamsvej 78
2100 København Ø ☞Swipe to see healthy balance & save this post for the location😊
Real talk: My friend Robert and I study together in Copenhagen but we were lucky to spend our semester abroad in Taipei and met up basically every week to eat, to have real bro talk about life and eat! A lot!😅 Now we're back in Denmark, we not going to drop this tradition even if both of us have such a full schedule and a lot on our plate. Literally - yesterday we went to Djuus in Østerbro before class and caught up over two delish and so colourful brunch plates, before tackling all the new courses, work tasks and projects again 💪Recommended: the vegan plate with avocado and humus, and some fresh djuuuus😍
Half a year ago I climbed the "Alright Wall of China" (get the reference?😉) with just 3 hours of sleep. I was really proud. This was me still smiling before the climb, not knowing how many stairs I will have to take 😅 Also.. look at that tan! I miss it, now I am pale as a Scandinavian again
Cant believe its not even a month ago when I was in Taipei💔 Things have been quite overwhelming since I got back to Copenhagen, so I was busy enough to not reminisce too much about my time in Asia. Instead I just get a lot of things done here and aim to come back soon😊💕
TB to when it was warm in Copenhagen and I had an after-work swanboat date with @tooothache 💙
Sundays are for relaxation - so gym, study, dinner with friends and a beauty mask before bed time 😗 Thanks @aeriaskin so much for sending me these presents from Taiwan🇹🇼
🌜 晚安! 謝謝 @aeriaskin 送我的蠶絲麵膜 - 讓我的夜晚變得更好❤♡
#TaipeiGram #ExploreTaiwan #AmazingTaiwan
#Taiwanexpat #ISeeTaiwan #ViewTaiwan
#台湾 #台北 #台北市 #taipeilife
Mornings 🌹 早上 🌹 God morgen🌹 If you see me smiling at my phone, it's not because of a cute text - but 100% cause of a good Meme 😋 Also, never in my entire life did I wake up, had time to sit down next to flowers and look relaxed - I wake up late, rushing to get ready every darn day 🐶😉
be kind 💙 be good. be patient. be ambitious. be happy. be fair. be courageous. be with people you love. be the best version of yourself. So many B's in this caption - Asian dad would disapprove! Happy Chinese New Year 🐶💙
新年快乐 ❤ Happy Chinese New Year ❤ Chúc mừng năm mới ❤ I wish you all who celebrate, my beloved family and my friends a blessed Year of the Daaawg - filled with lots of love, happiness and good food 🇻🇳🇨🇳🇩🇰❤
I can't believe I have been living in Denmark for over 4.5 years now. Time flies! 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 🇩🇰 #哥本哈根 ❤



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