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Hej and welcome to my blog! 🙂 I am Tuni Nguyen – a 25-year-old, German-born Vietnamese girl living and studying in beautiful Copenhagen but left her heart in Taipei and Beijing.
I hope you like reading my articles about life in Denmark, my travels around the world and enjoy my random thoughts and bad jokes 🙂

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I graduated! About my Asian parents, background and our chances

Yesterday was Graduation Day for me👩🏻‍🎓! And on that occasion, I wrote my parents and thanked them for everything they did for me. You can’t imagine the sacrifices they made, the love and support they give me to grow into the person I am and will be. I feel like most children of Asian immigrants around […]

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Value of friendships in different places – The “see you there” and “let’s meet”

There are friends that can empower you and there are others, that can turn into a draining part of your life. I learned that sometimes, friendships don’t need any “further investments”. Why do I talk like a banker? Because I think it is a way to describe friendships or relationships: you invest time, feelings, you […]


Real-Talk: Dating, feeling lost and feeling home (and deciding not to date anymore) – The Third Culture Kid

This started as an Instagram caption but I received many personal and unexpected responses. That why I want to write it down, so it’s not just a title under a picture that will get lost. I always have been real on my blog but this article will be extremely personal. It took me a long […]


Why I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and what’s next?

Initially, I moved to Copenhagen to study at Copenhagen Business School, one of the best business schools there is in the world. I wanted to learn Chinese but there wasn’t good options in Germany or the Netherlands, so I enrolled in an English speaking Bachelor program based in Denmark to study Chinese – sounds strange […]

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Spending holidays without your family

No matter if Christmas, Easter, Chanukka, Lunar New Year, End of Ramadan or another holiday is the most important holiday for you, we are all on the same page when talking about the feeling of spending these days far from home and our families. For me, both Christmas and Lunar New Year (or Chinese New […]

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Fighting off Winter Blues (because calling it seasonal affective disorder or winter depression is too harsh imo)

Winter isn’t always easy, especially when you see spring on the calendar but snow falling outside your window. The weather drains your energy, and you can’t do much outside without feeling like your nose is about to fall off. Sometimes there is the case of winter depression or seasonal affective disorder.  I don’t like to use […]

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Danes don’t really date (neither do most people now)

So upfront, this is based on my own or my friend’s experiences and do not reflect the entire population of one country or nation, etc. I just got inspired the other day when my friend Olivia came to the Open Days at Copenhagen Business School and got a brochure with some facts about Denmark 🙂 […]

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Colourful Copenhagen (appreciating the here and now)

It’s Valentine’s Day! And since I will spend the day working, studying and visiting my doctor and have not even a tiny bit romance in my life, I thought it might be nice to express my (sometimes on and off) love for Copenhagen! 🙂 Even though the Danish weather is not the most lovable or […]


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