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Ønskeliste: Danish inspiration for your Christmas presents [collaborations]

Christmas is getting closer and closer! 2 weeks to go and maybe, some of you still have no idea what to buy your friends, partner or family. Personally, I am a last minute shopper and I always get stressed during the final days of the holiday.…
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How I found a room in Copenhagen - in 2 weeks

[Blog post updated in June 2018] - PDF document at the end of the article Hej everyone, if you clicked to read this article, I assume you are desperately looking for a place to stay. I am living in Copenhagen for years now and it seems…

Be aware: the trend of thieves stealing from bike baskets

In the past months I read a lot of posts in the Copenhagen Expats and International Facebook groups where people share a common experience. They were writing about how their bags or belongings were stolen right out of their baskets while they…
The Lakes Copenhagen
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How to survive the winter in Denmark 101

This year is the third winter I witness in Denmark and before New Years it seemed to be very warm and “hyggelig” this year. But in the past days, the real Scandinavian winter came back and apparently, it has no intention of leaving. It is…