The importance of having a CPR number in Denmark

I often meet people who are living in Denmark without a CPR (Civil Registration System) number. A CPR number is the personal identification number every citizen needs to have in Denmark.
Follow the link to see if you are eligible to apply for a it: CPR requirements

In this article I will focus on why I think you should have a CPR number (and why you should not rent a room without the possibility to register).
I know from my own experiences that it is tough to find an apartment in the bigger cities of Denmark, especially at the beginning of the semester. Hunting for a place to stay in Copenhagen is as tough as surviving in the Hunger Games. It’s frustrating, there are a lot of scammers, and the rooms are way too expensive. On top of that, some places don’t even allow you to register as a tenant,thus not for a CPR number.

First of all, it is illegal for the landlord to do such a thing. You have to register all the tenants in the apartment. Some people won’t do it because they want to avoid taxes, some just want to rent the extra room even though they have too many tenants for the size of the apartment. Register your CPR number at another address (and paying for it) is illegal as well. Therefore it is quite important to find a place where you can be registered as a legal tenant.

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There are many things you can’t do without a CPR number, for example:

  • You are not allowed to open a bank account in a Danish bank
  • You cannot sign a (mobile-) phone and internet contract, since most companies wants to make a background check (of your finances through your CPR Number)
  • You don’t have a health insurance, which means you don’t have an assigned doctor and it is more complicated to get medical treatment (furthermore you have to pay for everything)
  • Most gyms won’t accept new members without a CPR number
  • You are not allowed to borrow books from any public library
  • You might not be able to list yourself in student dormitories for housing
  • And of course, you cannot apply for SU

Therefore if you can avoid it, don’t rent a room, where you can’t register your CPR number. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and on top of it; you will only have legitimate rights if you rent a legal place.
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This is my last blog post for this year 🙂 I want to thank you all for reading along, commenting and giving me feedback since I started in May. I am truly happy, since I never imagined receiving so many messages and reaching so many people. Tusind tak 🙂
Happy New Year and see you soon in 2016.

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  1. Thanks for the informative article. And yes, legal is always better.

    1. thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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