What I have learned about Denmark


Time flies! I have been living and studying in Denmark for over 2 years now 🙂 After all, I can say that I couldn’t be happier about my decision to live in Copenhagen. But there are a few things, that I have learnt here that I want to share with you. For example, that if there is no flag on top of the palace, the Queen is not home.


This word will be forever important in my new Danish life. It is both the name for your boyfriend or girlfriend, but also for the people you don’t want to owe money. Every year around April, people in Denmark wait anxiously for the tax report to see if they have to pay back a lot of money. Honestly, you should get a Danish friend to help with your taxes if you don’t understand their website and what you have to fill out. Otherwise you could have an unpleasant surprise next spring.

Sonderborg (2)
Beautiful Sønderborg


In daily small- talk, people often ask me, how long I have been living in Denmark. I answer, that I have been studying here for 2 years, one of them in Sønderborg/Jutland. Most of the times the reaction is  “Oh Jutland isn’t really Denmark though 😀 “.
Well, apparently Jutland doesn’t belong to Denmark, it is just Jutland 😉

At the beach in Sønderborg
At the beach in Sønderborg



German in school

Most Danes I know, had an awful and mean German teacher in middle school or/and gymnasium and therefore don’t like the language. Others just don’t like German because it sounds aggressive (I hear that often outside of Denmark too..actually I hear it all the time, besides when I am in Germany. I think, German is a beautiful language..)


Babies outside

Danish mom’s leave their babies outside when they enter a shop, an office or a café. They leave them on their own with a baby monitor. I was surprised but the moms seem not be worried at all about the baby being taken away or some other things that might happen. It is normal here; it’s like leaving your bicycle in close distance but outside.

Little mermaid
Our Little Mermaid


The Danish language

I have studied English and French in school and Chinese in university now – so it is safe to say that I have experiences in learning a foreign language. Still, Danish is by far the most frustrating language to learn, even now when I understand a lot – it is hard for me to pronounce the words right. It seems like the Danish letters “g”, “a” and “d” have around a thousand different ways to be pronounced. And it still doesn’t make sense to me that the word “meget” is pronounced “ma-ahl”..and not like it’s written “meget”.

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Their brother Sweden

Never compliment Sweden and say that they are better than Denmark, in anything. Never. Especially not after the recent football match.

Never compliment Sweden over Denmark


Dane’s favorite word

There is a word in Danish (Swedish and Norwegian) that apparently can’t be translated in another language. You have to feel it and experience it to understand it.
So“hyggelig” is quite similar to the English word “cozy” (it is mostly translated like this in dictionaries as well), but that is not really the meaning. It means “feeling very comfortable (with someone maybe) and enjoying yourself”, but that is still not really the exact meaning.
I figured, that it is very difficult to express that feeling of “hyggelig”. I still haven’t found the exact meaning of it and by now I am too afraid to ask again.
So I just go with “cozy” or “heimisch fühlen”. Somewhere inbetween these two is “hyggelig”.

What I haven’t learned yet

– to say “Rødgrød med fløde” right


(Some of my other blog posts about: Part II of What I learned about Denmark and What I miss while living in Denmark )

first day in Copenhagen
The day I moved to Copenhagen


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