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No one is impressed by your status

A little real-talk, unedited post from my side today. Ever since I live (on and off) in Asia last year, I slowly realized that some people identify so strongly with their (family) status, wealth or a job position, that there is seriously nothing deeper to that person besides these traits. Maybe its because now I […]


Update: Life in Beijing and Taipei

Its been two and a half months since I moved from Copenhagen to Beijing (and now to Taipei as well, yeeeeay!!). Time to update you all about what has been going on 🙂 Life here in China is definitely different than Denmark or my time in Taiwan and I needed to adjust to many new […]

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Are we good enough?

Recently, one of my closest friend and I are having lots of late night conversations about life, future plans and finding our own way and be able to do something that makes us happy. I am not sure if my friend wants to be named, so I am going to call her Hana. I supposed […]