Happily arrived back in Taipei

Last week I arrived back in Taipei after feeling misplaced in Copenhagen for almost half a year. It’s like I never left Taiwan and I am so very happy to be around my friends and the known streets and places again. It’s great to be back to the place where I want to be. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong about Denmark and I liked my time there until I left last year to Asia and learned so much new about myself and my heritage that I felt misplaced as soon as I came back.

It’s not the place or environment, it’s myself that changed a lot and this made me feel that I couldn’t go back to my “normal” life in Copenhagen. The same thing happened when I lived in Denmark for the first years and went back to my hometown in Germany to visit. I just felt that I did not belong there anymore and did not want to return after my education.

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What I love about Taiwan is that the friends and people I met here have a similar mindset. We are around the same age and we are in-mids finding out what we want to do with our future lives. So Taiwan is just a stop, a little get-away from real life, until we figured out what to do and go our ways, usually outside of Taiwan, like America or Canada or China. Of course, not all younger generation in Taiwan are thinking and planning that way, but I happen to be in a friend circle where we are all “transitioning”. And it makes me feel that I am at the right place, at the right time. While in Copenhagen my friends in my age are starting to settle down. People are starting to buy apartments, take up a full-time job or a Master in Copenhagen, planning to live there long-term. And I deviated from that plan which made me feel like a misfit in the past months.

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I am so happy to have worked enough to find my way back here and spend my time with the people I dearly missed the past months. We have just a few more occasions to spend time together before, bit by bit, people leave our friend circle to pursue their career goals or another education outside of Taiwan. Life is always in transition, right? I am just glad to have found people in the same state at the right time and place 🙂

I will update you about my time in Taipei, my favourite places and my thoughts soon! Until then, thank you so much for reading – Lots of love, Tuni ❤

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