A picture perfect life doesn't exist

Today I felt like writing another real-talk blog post where I just write down my thoughts, don't edit anything and then push the "publish" button. So, yesterday I launched my agency ARN.gency with one of my best friends Rachel. Many…
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Are we good enough?

Recently, one of my closest friend and I are having lots of late night conversations about life, future plans and finding our own way and be able to do something that makes us happy. I am not sure if my friend wants to be named, so I am…
Tuni Nguyen Dating
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Real-Talk: Dating, feeling lost and feeling home (and deciding not to date anymore) - The Third Culture Kid

  This started as an Instagram caption but I received many personal and unexpected responses. That why I want to write it down, so it's not just a title under a picture that will get lost. I always have been real on my blog but this…