Are we good enough?

Recently, one of my closest friend and I are having lots of late night conversations about life, future plans and finding our own way and be able to do something that makes us happy. I am not sure if my friend wants to be named, so I am going to call her Hana.

I supposed in our mid-20s, we are all trying to find a way. The things and career paths that comes after our education are not always the ones that will fulfill us and makes us happy, right? And not always is the kind guy or girl, the one we should settle for and want to date and end up with. And not always do we have friends and colleagues that show us the appreciation and support we would love to. So sometimes, we feel lost.

Eventually, my friend Hana and I would question “Are we even good enough?”.


Are we?

Good enough to go after our dreams and ambitions? Good enough to make our friends and family happy and proud? Attentive enough to keep in touch with loved ones enough and to show them love, appreciation, and attention? Confident enough to stand up for ourselves all the time? Good enough to be respected and genuinely loved?

Personally, I always feel that I have to push myself to become a better version. To do much more with my life and make myself happy and make my parents’ sacrifices worthwhile. It’s not that I don’t feel “good enough” but I definitely feel that I am far away from the person I want to become. I wrote some part it down when I graduated this summer in The chances I got through my parents’ effort and love.

But when Hana asks me that question, I will always think that she is amazing. She is one of the best human beings that I was lucky to meet. I truly couldn’t love her more and I am beyond grateful for how much happiness our friendship has brought into my life and how much support I got from her.  Having her and our friend circle in Taipei makes me feel that I finally found my place and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

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So, of course, she deserves all the support, love and appreciation in the world. She deserves friends that are proud of her and not looking down on her dreams. She deserves a guy that makes her feel good and not bored, insecure or scared. She deserves a job that makes her happy and fulfilled. I am and will always make sure that she knows what she deserves and what the world has to offer. And I will remind her in bad days, how much she already achieved in her life. Our common friends and I are so proud and love her. Of course, we all have days where we feel lost but in those days, we need to be reminded that these feelings are just temporary if you drag yourself out. We are not here to settle, to be happy with “mediocre” and “the safe choice”. Because life isn’t exciting if you don’t go after what you want and what makes you truly happy, right?

How about you?

I guess you feel the same way about your best friends – you wish them the absolute best things in the world. However, meanwhile, we might not even listen to our own advice. We might drag ourselves to a job we don’t like, telling ourselves that we have to pay the bills or the position will be more exciting once we work ourselves up the career latter. We accept friends that don’t support us. We ignore their comments when they ridicule something you truly like or dream of. Or we find excuses for a partner that doesn’t put as much as effort into the relationship as you – supposed we make it this far and not get into the loop of the infamous fuckboy-circle and not get a text back for days. Or we give out x-amount of “second chances” to a partner because we hope that he or she might change. We ignore mean comments from co-workers or demeaning treatments from our supervisors and just let things slide.

My point is: We accept so many things we preach to our friends not to do.

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So do we feel good enough if we accept the things that make us feel not appreciated and loved as much as we deserve?

Personally, I think no one can answer that question for you except yourself. So, take care of yourself and don’t find excuses for situations and people who don’t deserve it.

Thank you for reading – Lots of love, Tuni ❤

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