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Scandinavian Brands: Mermaid Stories

Today I want to introduce you to a gorgeous Danish brand I recently discovered. A couple of weeks ago I was on a fair for start-ups and small companies in Copenhagen and a stand with cute pink details caught my eye
(everything in pink always gets my attention, I don’t think I will ever grow out of that.. :D).
I talked to the founder Victoria and she was so kind to share the inspiration and process behind founding the brand. Victoria told me about the idea behind “Mermaid Stories” – an accessory brand that “aspires to create a curated selection of favorite items that you want to keep for a long time“. This sounds quite nice to me and I wondered what makes Mermaid Stories so special. Victoria took the time to explain everything to me:

The watches of Mermaid Stories are made with straps of natural, vegetable tanned leather from Germany. Since my skin is a bit sensitive, I always have to make sure that I don’t wear anything with too many chemicals on it, otherwise, my skin will get red as a tomato. Luckily, Mermaid Stories make sure to use leather with no weird chemicals, no heavy metals, and no allergenic substances. Perfect for me! The soft leather is quite special as well since the watch band will change the color over time, making every product more beautiful and unique.
So pretty much like me in the summer (assuming I am not in Denmark), the watch will get a tan 😉

After all, I got a watch myself (in pink, of course) and I have to say, that I am so in love with it! The packaging and small details when I got it, are just the tip of the iceberg. My watch came in an adorable pink box that smelled like perfume.  The dusty rose watch itself was gorgeous! It is very Scandinavian with its simple and elegant design with a lot of lovely details and a cute slogan on the inside of the leather band. I had high expectations and I wasn’t let down 🙂


Why get one when you can have a watch with two looks? Get a free leather strap with every orderJOSEFINE

And the good news is, it’s Christmas time, so the team of Mermaid Stories and I decided to have a collab with a gift for you guys:

You can use the code METROPOLIFE when you order the watch of your choice and you will get an extra leather strap for free, which you can choose yourself as well 🙂
Just write in the comment of your order which color you want:

– Navy blue without stitching:     “Metropolife-Blue”
– Night black with stitching:         “Metropolife-Black-Stitch”
– Night black without stitching:  “Metropolife-Black”
– Dusty Rose with stitching:         “Metropolife-Dustyrose”
– Champagne with stitching:       “Metropolife Champagne”

So, if you are looking for a Christmas present for your mom, sister or another lovely person in your life that deserves a great present, you should check out Mermaid Stories and I can warm-heartedly recommend the watches to you..  I guarantee that they will like it, and if not, just forward the present to me 😛

Head over to Mermaid Stories website and get yourself or your loved ones a gorgeous watch with an extra leather strap for FREE 🙂

Have fun shopping, Tuni 🙂

This blog post contains sponsored and affiliate links. All opinions and bad jokes expressed are all mine though

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