Update: Life in Beijing and Taipei

Its been two and a half months since I moved from Copenhagen to Beijing (and now to Taipei as well, yeeeeay!!). Time to update you all about what has been going on 🙂

Life here in China is definitely different than Denmark or my time in Taiwan and I needed to adjust to many new changes and way of how things work here. It’s both exciting but frustrating at times.

For example, I live 1,5 hours from Beijing, in a dorm with no kitchen and cooking allowed, so there goes my love to prep meals. There is only warm water from 4pm till midnight, so if you want a hot shower after working throughout night or after the gym during the day- forget that 😀 Central heating is controlled by the government and besides that, the university staff can come into the dorm and do random controls as they want.

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And around the dorms, there is my lecture hall, canteen, a prison gym and swimming pool. There goes my city life as well. But at least I see the Great Wall of China every day because that is literally 5 min from campus. And its the unofficial part of the wall, so there are barely people and you get on the wall by paying a lady less than a dollar and go through her garden to the Great Wall. More about it in another blog post 🙂 Just look at that view!

The Wall is all nice and being not distracted and having nothing to do but study, go to the gym and do some work is okaaaay. However, going into Beijing city and actually enjoy a more social life with things to do.. that’s only on the weekends (if work and studies allow it and I find the time to travel into the center).

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Needless to say, this is a huge difference to my life in Denmark a few months ago or to Taipei last year, where I lived in the center and could head out any time to meet friends for dinner, go to the cinema or just work in a café. Here in Beijing, I still have to get used to having all these constraints and I miss bumping into new people or things to do.

So eventually, this is why I decided to get a second apartment in Taipei – which I found in just 4 days and signed this weekend! (Apartment tour on my VLOG will come soon, I cant wait to show you my first apartment that I choose and signed on my own!).

I am so excited and beyond happy because this means I am coming back to Taipei and be at my happy place. I will be traveling back and forth and officially jetset between my studies in Beijing and a life and projects (that I aspire to get going) in Taipei 😊 I can’t believe it finally happens!

The last months I lived in Copenhagen, I decided to do the “living at two places”-thing, so I worked extra to save up and focused a lot of energy to plan this move. And now everything falls into place and couldn’t work out any better.

A plus point is that throughout all the time in Denmark, I got used to working a lot, so having my projects in Taipei and at the same time keeping up with studies in Beijing are doable and not overstressing. I am excited about what comes next!

I am grateful to be able to live and study in Beijing and Taipei. If you follow me for a while, you know how happy it makes me to be in Taiwan and share my life with my friends there. And for the future, I cant wait to share the next chapters of my life with you all 🙂 Check out my post about How I could afford traveling 10 countries last year.

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This is the latest VLOG, I am catching up and editing the October and November ones now. Thank you so much for following along! Tuni 🙂




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