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I was born in Germany. But my parents are Vietnamese. Therefore I must be Vietnamese too. So I am German with Vietnamese roots, right? No, I am German, no doubts about that.. Actually, I don’t know. I still can’t answer this simple question about where my home is. Its not really a place in Germany, since I moved a lot as a child and never felt like I truly belong in any city. I was always that “new girl that just moved here”. But neither is Vietnam a place, where I feel most welcome. So since I can remember, I actually don’t feel entirely home anywhere.

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Two and a half years ago I left my parents house in Bremen to go out and explore the world, in hope that I might find a place, which makes me feel at ease. During that time, I had memorable days at places far away from my usual daily life without any worries. For me, “home” wasn’t a place anymore, but a feeling I got every time I boarded a plane or got into a train heading to my next destination and adventure.
Regardless, everything in life comes to an end – and so did my travels. At one point, I had to settle down, find a job or a study, and go back to reality.
I decided to move to Denmark and for the past 6 months, I am happily studying and living in the capital city. Copenhagen became something meaningful to me. For the first time ever since, I can say that I found my place, even though its a short time compared to the 19 years I lived in Germany.
I write this blog in order to share impressions and experiences of my travels, the reasons Copenhagen became my safe haven, the lifestyle as a student in one of the most beautiful metropolis in Europe and some days, it’s just about my desire to go away again .



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  1. Danny
    Danny says:

    Der Moment als du 1999 neu in Goslar warst, in der Schillerschule standest und ich gesagt habe, dass ich auf dich aufpassen werde :*


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