I show you the Copenhagen of tomorrow

A few weeks ago I was lucky to be a part of Vodafone’s project “I show you the world of tomorrow”. The crew with German blogger Mia and Simon came to the Danish capital to find out, how Copenhagen’s startup’s and futuristic brands are developing, to discover the new trends and innovations from Denmark and to take a sneak peak into the “hyggelige” lifestyle.
We had a great time (even though it was a bit rainy) sailing through the canals on an electrical boat and talking about the Danish expat life, start up companies and the future. You can see the short “Best of” Video with me below.

But where do I see Copenhagen in the future? Easy: In a more sustainable and environmental friendly world with lots of bikes and colourful facades 🙂
I am so proud to live in a country where having an electrical car is common (it is still unusual in Germany) and the “sharing mentally” is widely spread (shared office spaces, apartments or car-sharing for example).
You can see me and read about the entire program and all the futuristic brands in Copenhagen here (sadly it is only in German, since it was sponsored by Vodafone Germany) – but hey for some Danes, this is a good practice to see how good your high school German is 🙂
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Don’t forget to tune in LIVE when the Vodafone “Ich zeig dir die Welt von morgen” team (I show you the world of tomorrow) are in Madrid and Dublin and stream their adventures live with multiple cameras and phones.


Thank you everyone, especially Nico, Simon, Mia from Uberding  and of course Vodafone Germany for this adventure 🙂
It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see your future projects.

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Greetings from Copenhagen, Tuni 🙂

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