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We stayed 8 days at Patong Beach, the most touristic place of Phuket and we loved every minute of it. Our hotel was 10 minute walk from the beach, just a few minutes from shops and a mall and right next to a night market. We rented a motor bike to get from one beach to another, since there are so many in Phuket and we got went on a little roadtrip to explore the island.
In the following article I want to talk about our favorite beaches and which places you have to go, when you are in Phuket.

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Patong Beach

If you like bars, parties and shopping malls, this is the place to stay. Patong was really crowded, even though we were here in low season. I didn’t mind the party vibe here, because we stayed a bit off the street with all the bars and night clubs and the beach was quite beautiful. Our main reason to keep staying in Patong was the location.
It was quite “central” and with the motor bike you can go to many beaches within 10 to 30 minutes.
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Sunset Patong Beach

Kata Beach

On our way to Big Buddha we came across Kata Beach, which is on the other side of the hill. It is located 15 minutes from Patong by motorbike. The beach was beautiful with soft sand and it is not crowded at all. Sadly the waves were too big to swim further outside, but nevertheless, it’s good enough to dip in. We liked Kata beach because it was so calm and very clean, a perfect place to suntan and relax.

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Kata beach

Karon  Viewpoint

This was quite a long ride from Patong. 50 minutes by motorbike and many hills later, we reached the viewpoint. The scenery from up there was truly magnificent and worth the long trip. You can see the big white Buddha sitting on top of Chalong on one side and Kata town and the beach on the other.

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Paradise Beach

One of my absolute favorite place, which is a bit hidden, but only 10 minutes ride from Patong main beach. A lot of people we met haven’t heard about it before, I guess it is not as well known as Patong Beach or Kata Beach. Is quite an adventure to get there by motor bike, because there is no real street for the last 150m or so. It’s truly a roller coaster ride through a muddy hillside, but in the end, it is worth it and you will be rewarded with a fantastic beach in between big rocks and the forest. We had to pay 100 Baht ( 20 DKK / 3 Euro) entry for the beach, but you get a sun bed and an umbrella included. Paradise Beach is a small and private beach, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your things on land when you go for a swim. There is a cute restaurant with great food nearby and to our surprise, it wasn’t even overpriced. If you go to Phuket, you really have to come to Paradise Beach, it is a stunningly beautiful place.

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Kamala Beach

We went here on our last day in Phuket, because of a tip from my friend Jessika. The beach was north of Patong and on our way there we had a beautiful view over the beaches from uphill. Kamala had really strong and high waves when we were there, which is perfect for surfers, but not for a relaxed swim. There were restaurants and hotels nearby with a lot of families. Kamala has a whole different atmosphere than Patong, it was more quiet and calm. The main beach in Patong always had a lot of activities ongoing like Jet skies or Parasailing. Both has its perks and we would recommend either place.

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A Viewpoint close to Kamala Beach

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Kamala Beach


Also a last advise, these guides can be useful for planning your trips Thailand 🙂

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