On route to South-East Asia

Since this morning, Thomas and I are on our way to Bangkok.

Our plan is to stay in the capital of Thailand for the weekend and then fly further down south, probably staying in Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi. Our next planned stop is Vietnam, we will be going from south -Ho Chi Minh City- up to the north -Hanoi-. After a short visit at my family’s place, we will head to Shanghai.

We haven’t decided how long we are going to stay at each place, the main thing we care about is to have a great time. One important thing for us is the freedom to go wherever we want to.

No strict plans – no pressure and stress.
We had some stressful days before we left. We had to prepare the visas for China and Vietnam and get all the vaccinations during our exam period. Now, we feel like we truly deserve two month of holidays 😉
Right now we are waiting in London Heathrow for our connecting flight to Bangkok. We decided to pack light and only bring the important things in our hand luggage.
I want to share the few necessary things in my handbag, maybe you might find them useful aswell.

  1. Moisture serum and Eau Thermale Spray

    During a long flight my skin and lips tend to be uncomfortably dry and tighten. I always disliked this feeling and wished I would have brought a moisturiser on board. Right now I have “Vichy Eau Thermal Spa spray” and “Balea Moisture Serum” in my handbag to take care of my skin, when the cabin air dries out my face again. The thermal spray freshens up my face with a thin layer of water and the serum keeps my skin moisturised. For my lips I brought a normal lip care stick. I prefer not to wear any make up during the flight anyway, so the serum and the spray have an even better effect.
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  2. Powerbank

    As a mobile phone freak, this is a top priority for me. My Sony Z3 is disappointing in battery lifetime (the Z3 is horrible, I wont recommend it to anyone). I’d rather not take the risks to land in Bangkok and have no battery left. Since we are renting an apartment via airbnb, it is quite possible that we need to call the host when we arrive or show the taxi driver the street name in written in Thai. All this is much easier with a phone. That is why I want to have my powerbank with me, just to be on the safe side. I prefer not to start the holidays with unnecessary troubles.
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  3. Travel Diary

    I always have my little book with me to write down notes, first impressions or small experiences during the trip. I did the same when I was abroad in Southern France, Australia and South East Asia two years ago. I forgot a lot of things, until I re-read it in my diary. Personally it is my favourite way to keep memories, because everytime I read my old journal, I feel like going back in time.
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  4. E-Cigarette

    Not that important for me, but a Must-have for Thomas. As a smoker you always face troubles when you are in airports, since the non-smoking rules are really strict. But so far we haven’t faced any complaints with his e-Cigarette. The people and security at the airports seem totally fine with it and no one mind him smoking it in restaurants or boarding gates (so far). To be fair, Thomas pays a lot of attention not make visible smoke with his e-Cigarette by holding it in his breath for a while.

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  5. Pullover

    It’s can get really cold in air planes, especially during the night and I am not taking any chances. On my flight to Australia some slightly oversized lady decided to steal my blanket while I was sleeping. Now I am best prepared with my pullover. Come at me lady!

I hope you might find one or two useful tips for your own vacation.

We will update you about every place during our trip

and hope that you will have a great summer 🙂

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  1. Habt einen schönen Urlaub 🙂

  2. Just liked this post on FB. Thanks for the truly amazing read.

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