Funny and weird things we found in Asia

So here is a little list of things we found funny and abnormal in Thailand

See-through soda cans

As much as I liked the look of the can, the soda itself was disappointing. It tasted awful and artificial and is nothing compared to the fresh lemon shakes I get at every corner.


Haircut booth

We found this strange kind of hairdresser in Bangkok. Like a car wash, you have to pay at the machine first. After that you get a coupon, then you line up for the next free booth and get your hair cut in record time.

Just a few moments later you can move on with your life and the next guy in line gets a quick haircut. The whole thing costs only 100 Baht (2,50Euro).

The Hair Booth

Monkey oil

Thomas and I went into a small boutique to buy some After Sun Crème. In the area for oil products, we found the funniest label on a bottle of coconut oil.

As you can see, one of the labels is slightly different from the others and seem quite weird, considering the fact that it is a beauty product for humans (and not for monkeys).

Bunny Mannequin

We saw this one in front of a designer store in one of Bangkok’s biggest shopping malls. It just creeps me out and I have no idea why anyone would choose this kind of display.


A crosswalk in Krabi took it literal and put zebras on the street instead of the usual boring white stripes. We should get this in Germany and Denmark, it would make me chuckle every day.

Why so Sirius?

Weird T-shirt prints

Like every other touristic place, Thailand has the stereotype T-Shirt with something funny printed on it.

Amongst hundreds of prints and pictures on T-Shirts and hats and bags, this is one my personal favorite.

My favorite



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