How friendships back home change once you moved abroad

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 There are some friends who grow with you and some friends who grow apart from you. Some friends you can tell your deepest secrets and others who you can tell your most embarrassing stories. Our friends mean the world to us, but what happens to these friendships when we move to another part of the world?

I’ve been living abroad for nearly two years now and I’ve realised that different friendships take different paths, regardless of how close you were or how often you see each other before you moved away:

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Alisa left London to move to Germany in her mid-twenties. In her blog, she is sharing personal stories from everyday life abroad

Constant contact
There are some people who I am still constantly in contact with. Whether we are sending each other memes, whatsapping about general life, asking for advice or venting about things that are just getting on our nerves, we are in regular contact and generally know what’s going on in each other’s lives. Not too dissimilar to before I moved abroad, I just miss being able to do these things in person.

Slow replier
Some people just aren’t good with replying to messages. And that’s ok however as a result of this you may feel a bit distant as what could have been a 15-minute conversation takes about 3 weeks. What we need to remember though, is that if we were at home then we would see these friends more often and as soon as we do go back to visit, or even for good, they’ll be the first ones to ask to see you.

Just one phone call away

As life becomes busy, to-do lists become longer and time can become sparse. There are some friends who I am not in so much contact with but I do know that these people are just one call away if there’s anything I need.

Here and there
There are some friends who I used to see regularly, maybe weekly or daily, who although I’m not longer in constant in contact with, when we do have the odd whatsapp or phone call catch up, it’s as if no time has passed at all.

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Fizzling friendship
Unfortunately, there will be some friendships that do to fizzle out. This isn’t necessarily because you have moved abroad though as I think that if the friendship was going to last then it would last wherever you live in the world. People grow differently and take different paths, sometimes friendships survive this, other times they don’t.

For me, the hardest thing about being abroad in terms of friendships is that during times of emotional distance, you can’t just meet for a proper catch up and spend quality time together. On the other hand, having friends from home come to visit me and see where I hang out, where I live and also meet new friends I have made since moving abroad, is the best!

Some friendships grow together, some friendships grow apart, but no matter where you live in the world, your true friends will always be there for you, no matter what.

Thank you Alisa for sharing your thoughts 🙂 Check her blog if you enjoyed the article!

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