Colourful Copenhagen (appreciating the here and now)

It’s Valentine’s Day! And since I will spend the day working, studying and visiting my doctor and have not even a tiny bit romance in my life, I thought it might be nice to express my (sometimes on and off) love for Copenhagen! 🙂

Even though the Danish weather is not the most lovable or warm one, especially in winter, there is still something magical about it  – we just have to look twice every now and then ❤

I am back in Copenhagen for two weeks now after numerous summer days in Taipei and I have to admit, I dreaded the day I would land at Copenhagen Airport and step outside. The cold wind, the rainy sky – it all drains your energy faster and makes you feel tired. And honestly, the weather was exactly as rainy and grey as I feared it to be on the day of my arrival. I needed some days to re-adjust, get used to the cold temperatures and snow – and get back to my daily routine. But I have to stop being whiny and pull myself together – there is a reason tourists love the colours of Copenhagen so much, so why feel strange about coming back.. instead of embracing a part of it?

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On a Sunday Mathias, an Instagram friend who shares the same hobby as me – photography- asked me to join for a so-called Insta-walk and it showed me again how wonderful Copenhagen can be. So here I am, embracing it all again and sharing the colourful and lively sides of Copenhagen’s streets and facades ❤

When you walk through Copenhagen, you will find so many houses in all different bright colours with bikes lined in front them that make the whole scene somewhat picturesque. I always try to see these little things because usually, one just walks pass by and rushes to the next meeting, metro or task. Because during stressful times, we tend to focus on finishing all the things due for the day. We are just rushing through the days and along all this, we forget to just take a moment and enjoy what is around us.

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The mind is always busy with something and sometimes its easier to worry than to enjoy just the tiny things that you encounter every day, right? Or in my case, I keep having my heads in the clouds and missing my days in Taipei, my friends, my summer dresses and Taiwanese food – while around me are colourful house under a snowy blanket that makes the scened resemble an H.C. Andersen fairytale. There is tasty Danish food around me or I can cook some myself with fresh ingredients and things I can’t buy and eat in Asia. I realized that I am not here and appreciate what I have here and now – and this is what makes me feel drained – it was myself.

So now for me, I try to see the small things that make Copenhagen so wonderful. Yes, there might be a grey sky and cold strong wind hurting my face, but Nyhavn is still so beautiful on rainy days. There might be no dumplings or night market, but there is Flaeskesteg Burger. I was caught up in a reminiscing spiral and forgot why I chose to live in Denmark, at least for some time.

That’s why I want to share with you my little happy, colourful moments from that walk. These pictures are just showcasing a part of the beauty of Copenhagen. If you have the time, take just a few more minutes to yourself tomorrow and enjoy the little beauties around you ❤

Thank you so much for reading ❤ Tuni

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