Awesome Freshmade Ice Cream in Thailand!


A couple of months ago, I heard about a special ice cream roll which you can buy from street vendors in Thailand. After several food markets, we finally found one stand and of course, we had to try it instantly.

The ice cream is made with fresh fruits like kiwi, banana or strawberry, candy or chocolate and whipped cream icing (the white fluid in the picture/video)

Thomas decided for a simple Banana-Chocolate taste. The ice cream man repeatedly chopped the ingredients and mashed them together, until the small pieces turn into a paste. He moved and flipped it, so the consistent wont stick to the cold pan.

He spread the mash over the ice block/ cold pan in a thin layer and waited shortly. When the layer froze, he scraped it off in one movement and it naturally curled into a roll. Five rolls later, our fresh made ice cream was finished and it tasted more than delicious.


Also a last advise, these guides can be useful for planning your trips in Thailand and South-East Asia 🙂

Have a great time, Tuni ❤️


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