5 things to do in Prague

My most recent trip was to the capital of Czech Republic. I have to say that Prague was stunningly beautiful, especially when the sun is shining and you can take a long walk around along the river Vlatava (Moldau in German).I was caught by surprise by the city and its atmosphere. It is so close to Germany, yet you feel like being far away in a distant place with such a different language and culture.
I want to share the highlights of my trip with you and tell you 5 things you should consider to do when you travel to Prague:

  1. Prague Metronome Hill view
    Unlike most tourists, my boyfriend and me didn’t go up Petrin Hill, but we decided to go to Prague Metronome, a view spot close by the Old Town. It is right next to the river and after a few hundred steps uphill, you get rewarded with an incredible view over the city. It seems like the hill is a meeting place for locals, a lot of them were skateboarding or enjoying the show at the park right behind the viewpoint.
  2. Prague Zoo
    Sadly it was quite rainy the day we visited the zoo, but even if the weather wasn’t on our side, we had a good time. The zoo was huge and you can easily spend half a day in there. The animals were divided up by species. I wandered through open cages with birds flying next to me, stood infront of tigers and lions, only a few centimetre of glass in between us and I saw penguins. I freaking love penguins. They are awesome and they always look like they wear a suit.
    Besides all that, a really big bonus is the cheap entry.
  3. Local restaurants
    If you are in Prague, you need to go to an authentic Czech restaurant and try the regional food. It’s just great, and you are truly missing out on life if you haven’t eaten it yet. I went to a Czech restaurant during lunch time and ordered chicken as main dish, another time salmon fried with vegetables. Both times I couldn’t be more satisfied. Of course you have to enjoy the food with a local beer.
  4. Charles Bridge(Karluv most)
    Crossing the Vlava river and connecting the Old Town to the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge is one of the most famous scenic spot of the city. It is hundreds of years old and that’s how you will feel like,after you fought your way through all the tourists on the bridge. We went their twice, once in the middle of the day, which was obviously prime time at Charles bridge. Another time we took a walk there in the evening, when most people moved on. The bridge wasn’t a crowded battle field of selfie-takers anymore. We took joy in one of the most simple things, we watched the sunset from the bridge. It was a beautiful sight with the city on one side and the hill with Prague Castle on top of the other. We felt like having the entire spot for ourselves without sharing it with a thousand other people. Sometimes you have to appreciate these little things.

    At Charles Bridge, looking towards the Castle

  5. Tower Park Prague
    Last but not least, my favourite place: the Prague Tower. Our hotel was really close to the tower, so my boyfriend was wondering if there is some attraction on top of it. This is how we found our number one place of Prague. 66 metres above the ground and with a priceless view is Oblaca Restaurant and SkyBar. Needless to say, the view at night time from up there is amazing. If this is not a good reason enough for you, we tried the food and the drinks in both places and it was perfect. There is only good things to say about the main courses, desserts, service and atmosphere. The prices in Oblaca and the Tower Bar were reasonable for the location and quality. Especially the bartender won our hearts with his amazing skills to mix us wonderfully looking and great tasting drinks. All in all, this is the place I would always revisit, if I go to Prague again.
  6. At Praque Tower

    – One last suggestion for your choice of accomondation. We stayed in Hotel Theatrino (Bořivojova 53, 130 00 – Praha 3) and we were more than happy with it.



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