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Fighting off Winter Blues (because calling it seasonal affective disorder or winter depression is too harsh imo)

Winter isn't always easy, especially when you see spring on the calendar but snow falling outside your window. The weather drains your energy, and you can't do much outside without feeling like your nose is about to fall off. Sometimes there…
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How I found a room in Copenhagen - in 2 weeks

[Blog post updated in June 2018] - PDF document at the end of the article Hej everyone, if you clicked to read this article, I assume you are desperately looking for a place to stay. I am living in Copenhagen for years now and it seems…

Basics for studying in Denmark

My friends and family keep asking me a lot about my study life in Denmark. Therefore I decide to write this blog post,with the purpose to answer related questions and maybe help some of you to find your way into Denmark's universities. I chose…