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What a German misses while living in Denmark – Part 2

As an expat in Copenhagen, you have so many advantages and on top, you are able to have joyful new discoveries of Danish culture and food. But still, you will always miss your home and the things that you are used to.. Over a year ago I wrote…
The Lakes Copenhagen
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How to survive the winter in Denmark 101

This year is the third winter I witness in Denmark and before New Years it seemed to be very warm and “hyggelig” this year. But in the past days, the real Scandinavian winter came back and apparently, it has no intention of leaving. It is…

What I have learned about Denmark

  Time flies! I have been living and studying in Denmark for over 2 years now :) After all, I can say that I couldn't be happier about my decision to live in Copenhagen. But there are a few things, that I have learnt here that I want…