Taipei life update: Finally where I want to be

After almost a year of back and forth, I could finally move full-time to Taipei 3 weeks ago. And these weeks have been busy and tiring but so eventful. Weekdays Rachel and I meet our clients and setting the next steps for our company ARNgency, while apartment hunting and also working part-time jobs (oh yes, I got a new part-time job here in Taipei, just 4 to 6 hours a week), I also had to figure out a lot of things for my permit and registration as citizen here and after all my health issues in Beijing, I needed to get stronger so I hit the gym 3 or 4 times a week.

And despite having a full agenda, I still can meet with friends and enjoy what I have missed while being stuck in Chinas countryside: living a life on my own terms, having the freedom to schedule my time as I wanted it to. After 1.5 long years of stressing, I finally get to be where I want to be and working everyday on things I want to work.

Rachel captured this picture on a rainy evening, with me wearing my friend Fendi’s T-Shirt because I couldn’t make it home between meetings and gym and dinner, so I just dropped by her place.

I love the full and busy life right now, I love my friends in it and I love that I can share all this happiness and positivity with you guys, proving that after a long and frustrating time, there are way better days 🙂 Thank you for following along my journey!

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