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As Valentine’s Day is approaching and I am single as a pringle, I daydreamed today (while I was eating lunch by myself, facing the wall in a local dumpling place) where I would go on dates here in Taipei.. if I had anyone to go with. So here are some cute ideas for your Valentine’s Date or just anyone actually, you can pretty much do these things with your girl / guy friends 😀

Cute cafés and bars around Dongqu

Hands-down one of my favourite places in Taipei is around Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. Dongqu itself is so cute and there are so many cute cafés and bars around where you can take your date, depending on the time of the day, you can grab a coffee or a drink. Some of my favourite bars in the area are MOZI ( a speakeasy bar), Draftland (Cocktails on tap) and KOR (amazing interior and great drinks, try the guava drink!).

Picnic in Daan Park

One of my good friends and I spent a summer day in Daan, drinking wine and celebrating our milestones. To be honest, that was one of the most fun memories I have from that summer and its a sweet and simple date. Grab some snacks and drinks, a blanket and hang out in the Central Park of Taipei 😛 And when you hung out there for a while you probably get to the point and find out if you both wanna take it to the next step and DTF.. since Din Tai Fung is right next to the Park and you can get dinner.

Entertain yourself around Ximending

Ximen area is always a bit packed and not the best place for a chill and calm date but if you are both up for some wanna-be Taiwanese cutesy date, go to one of the arcades and dance or shoot things. Go to a batting cage and his some balls. Go to the cinemas after. Ximenting is such a good place to do lots of fun stuff (and find out if your date is boring as hell and not down to shoot some zombies with you.. asking the real questions here!) 😀

Shrimp Fishing

Sounds kinda slow but I been to a shrimp fishing place yesterday with some friends and its actually so nice to escape the busy city, sit and fish some shrimps. Unless she is like me and allergic to sea food and just sits around 😀 Man I wonder why I am single.

Hiking Yangminshan or Elephant Mountain

This month I went for a short hike at Yangminshan and it was a nice change from hiking Elephant Mountain. Both are so close to Taipei city centre and easy to get to be MRT or bus. In German we have a saying “schweißt zusammen” which directly translated, means something along the lines of “sweating together” but the sense is more like “bring people together”. So go on a hike, sweat together, and get to know your date. And get a refreshing drink or food on top of Yangminshan or the stereotype photo by the rock by Elephant Mountain.

Taipei Main Station

I know, I know, you wonder why all these date ideas are so cutesy and romantic. Well, for all of you people who want to get rid of a date, just transfer your MRT at Taipei Main Station. Swear to god, you lose everyone at that station and blend in with the mass of people.

(disclaimer, I never did that to a friend or date before, can’t report on the success rate)

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I hope you liked some of my date or well for me, Friend-Date, ideas 🙂 Hope you all enjoy doing the small little things around Taipei and fall in love with this city (and maybe the person you are on a date with). But well if that doesn’t work out, Taipei is always gonna be your Bae and in my case, I’ve been in love with Taipei the past 1.5 years and will be spending the day writing content about this wonderful place 🙂 Happy Valentine’s!

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