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On route to South-East Asia

Since this morning, Thomas and I are on our way to Bangkok. Our plan is to stay in the capital of Thailand for the weekend and then fly further down south, probably staying in Phuket, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi. Our next planned stop is Vietnam, we will be going from south -Ho Chi Minh […]


Lukas Graham

– scroll down for the German version / nach unten scrollen für die deutsche Übersetzung – Today’s post is about a very sympathetic Danish artist. I’m going to introduce you to Lukas Graham, a well-known band in Denmark. Sadly, I have never heard any of their songs outside here in his home country. I have […]


What a German misses, while living in Denmark

I moved away from Bremen almost 2 years ago and there are some things I simply took for granted back then. I recently thought about what I truly miss since I moved here to Denmark. Let me share a few thoughts with you, about little treasures from my beloved Germany. First of all, everything in […]

Formula 1 over Football?

Why do girls watch Football, and not Formula 1? I always wondered why all my female friends love football, especially during the European Championship or World Cup, but they have a very negative opinion about Formula 1. I can only speak for myself, but I think that Formula 1 is a very intense sport and […]