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What I have learned about Denmark

  Time flies! I have been living and studying in Denmark for over 2 years now 🙂 After all, I can say that I couldn’t be happier about my decision to live in Copenhagen. But there are a few things, that I have learnt here that I want to share with you. For example, that if […]

Our favorite cities to travel in Europe

 Top 10 cities to travel in Europe Naomi from authenticchica.com and I wanted to try something new and we are happy to present you our 10 favourite cities in Europe. The first part with my 4 chosen cities will be as always on metropolife, the other with Naomi’s top cities will be at authenticchica.com. With […]

Eine Geschichte, die ich so oft gehört habe

Read in english Frühling 1991. An diesem Morgen wachte er in seinem Zimmer im Studentenwohnheim in Kormano in der Tschechoslowakei auf und beschlossen, sein Flugticket zu verkaufen, welches ihn in ein paar Tagen zurück in sein Heimatland gebracht hätte. Er will nach Deutschland gehen. Die Mauer in Berlin fiel vor kurzem, die meisten seiner Freunde […]

A story I heard so many times

Den Artikel auf Deutsch lesen Spring 1991. That morning he woke up in his dorm room in Komarno/Czechoslovakia and spontaneously decided to sell his flight ticket, which would have brought him back to his home country within a couple of days. He was going to Germany. The wall in Berlin just fell, most of his […]