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“The Wave” at Ofelia Plads (Frost Festival)

I bet in the past days, your Social Media feeds have been full of glowing triangles in Copenhagen right? I was wondering when I saw all the pictures on my Instagram:
What is this, where did the display come from and where it was located? Luckily, I got convinced to go for a short walk last weekend (even though it was freezing by the water!) and we went to visit the new art display called “The Wave” on Ofelia Plads. I had so much fun seeing and taking pictures of the glowing triangles, even though it was windy and cold, but hey, it’s Denmark I should get used to it and stop complaining by now right? 😉

The triangles are called “The Wave” and it is a part of the Frost Festival 2017 in Copenhagen.

Edit: The festival and the exhibit is extended for one more week, so it does not end at the 26th February. The last day of the festival is the 5th March 🙂

“The Wave” consists of forty, interactive triangles, which lines up parallel behind each other. The triangular gates are glowing and making sounds.. and for me they seemed small on the pictures but when I went there and stood underneath, I realized that they were huge! (I looked it up, the triangles are about 4m tall).

[Photo taken by Jonas Togo]

It was not very crowded when we were there on a Saturday afternoon. “The Wave” has been on my Social Media feed for the past days and it seems like no matter if you go there at night, at daytime or during the sunset, it is always an interesting and pretty spectacle. It was also really beautiful when I finally got to see it in person and not through pictures. First, it somehow reminds me of the movie Inception but after my friend Cat commented under my picture on Facebook, I can not unsee the similarity to the “Seven Nation Army” video from The White Stripes.

[This photo was taken during a snowy cold night by my friend Nathan.This blog post contains sponsored links. All opinions and bad jokes expressed are mine though]

If you have some time today or the coming weekend,  you should hop on the train and metro, start your walk from Kongens Nytorv along to Nyhavn and visit “The Wave” in Ofelia Plads. It should be even more spectacular at night time when you can see all the different colours in contrast to the dark sky. I hope you will enjoy the Frost Festival in Copenhagen 🙂

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[Photo and editing credit to Jonas Togo ! Thank you for taking these amazing pictures 🙂  ]

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Edit: Since I got asked a few times on my instagram. The jacket is from Abercrombie&Fitch but I bought it 2 years ago and the watch I am wearing on the top pictures is from Mermaid Stories.

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