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Danes don't really date (neither do most people now)

So upfront, this is based on my own or my friend's experiences and do not reflect the entire population of one country or nation, etc. I just got inspired the other day when my friend Olivia came to the Open Days at Copenhagen Business School…

My life in Taiwan – compared to Taiwanese dramas

It's Single's day soon (11th November or 11/11 - where all the 1's represent how freaking lonely we all are), therefore I thought about writing an uplifting post about Taiwanese love dramas. Well, they aren't really the best thing to watch when…
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The feeling of belonging somewhere (or nowhere)

Since I am abroad, the question "Where are you from" has been asked quite a number of times - and it's totally fine. It's even okay when people look at me like I am a straight liar when I answer that I am German. Also, it's okay to be confused,…