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Where 90% of Copenhageners will go to enjoy flowers this weekend - The city is blooming up :)

Finally ! The long winter months are gone, spring is coming and Copenhagen is shining in new, bright colours. Everywhere in the city, the flowers are blooming and if haven’t seen it yourself, no worries – people in your Social Media are…

10 things (most) students go through when moving to Copenhagen

It is that time of the year again :) Exactly 2 years ago, I was among all the new international students who moved to Copenhagen to start studying. I figured that there a few things which are repeating itself every year. Personally I think,…
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What a German misses while living in Denmark – Part 2

As an expat in Copenhagen, you have so many advantages and on top, you are able to have joyful new discoveries of Danish culture and food. But still, you will always miss your home and the things that you are used to.. Over a year ago I wrote…