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Lukas Graham

– scroll down for the German version / nach unten scrollen für die deutsche Übersetzung – Today’s post is about a very sympathetic Danish artist. I’m going to introduce you to Lukas Graham, a well-known band in Denmark. Sadly, I have never heard any of their songs outside here in his home country. I have […]


What a German misses, while living in Denmark

I moved away from Bremen almost 2 years ago and there are some things I simply took for granted back then. I recently thought about what I truly miss since I moved here to Denmark. Let me share a few thoughts with you, about little treasures from my beloved Germany. First of all, everything in […]

Formula 1 over Football?

Why do girls watch Football, and not Formula 1? I always wondered why all my female friends love football, especially during the European Championship or World Cup, but they have a very negative opinion about Formula 1. I can only speak for myself, but I think that Formula 1 is a very intense sport and […]

Where is home?

  I was born in Germany. But my parents are Vietnamese. Therefore I must be Vietnamese too. So I am German with Vietnamese roots, right? No, I am German, no doubts about that.. Actually, I don’t know. I still can’t answer this simple question about where my home is. Its not really a place in […]


5 things to do in Prague

My most recent trip was to the capital of Czech Republic. I have to say that Prague was stunningly beautiful, especially when the sun is shining and you can take a long walk around along the river Vlatava (Moldau in German).I was caught by surprise by the city and its atmosphere. It is so close […]


Planning my city trips

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love to be out in the world. I always want to go away, escape my everyday life and explore things, meet foreign people and listen to their stories. I am so ambitious to get to know as many places as possible. This blog post is about some […]


Basics for studying in Denmark

My friends and family keep asking me a lot about my study life in Denmark. Therefore I decide to write this blog post,with the purpose to answer related questions and maybe help some of you to find your way into Denmark’s universities. I chose to get into the most asked questions of my acquaintances, like if […]